“This exchange is a great opportunity to meet new people, form new bonds, explore a new environment, discover a different culture and see the other side of Canada. 100% would do it again.”

This year, the YMCA of Oakville will be hosting our third national youth exchange! The 2018 youth exchange will be in partnership with the YMCA of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Exchange program: Mondays, 7:00-9:00 pm | Until September 17
Hosting dates: July 20-27 | Visiting dates: August 26-September 2

A group of Oakville youth 14-17 years old have been selected for this life-changing opportunity. From July 20-27 the Oakville group will be hosting the Pictou County group and exploring Southern Ontario and what it means to belong in the Oakville community. From August 26-September 2 we will be visiting Pictou County, exploring the community, and seeing firsthand the differences and similarities between our YMCAs. The group will have opportunites prior to and during the exchange to get to know each other, run a fundraiser and assist in planning activities for the groups.

We can’t wait to share their incredible adventures with you!

For more information contact Jerod Hannah at [email protected] or 905-845-5597 ext. 312.

Thank you to our Youth Exchange sponsor, Crombie REIT!

History of YMCA of Oakville Youth Travel Exchange

In 2016, we participated in our first youth travel exchange with the YMCA of Northern BC and travelled to Prince George, British Columbia.
Learn about the highlights of the 2016 Youth Exchange Program by viewing the 2016 YMCA Youth Exchange Report.
In 2017, a new group of youth visited the YMCA of Greater Halifax, where they built teamwork and collaboration skills, formed new friendships, explored the culture of Nova Scotia.