18 months to 5 years

Vital child care and early learning opportunities for infants to age 5.

With decades of experience in child care, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn to build healthy relationships and develop school readiness skills.

We know you can’t always be with your child — and that’s why we are here for you. YMCA licensed Child Care centres provide high-quality care for your child in a warm and stimulating environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive.  The early years are key in your child’s development. That is why we developed YMCA Playing to Learn. It helps children learn the way they learn best. Let us help build your child’s enthusiasm and capacity for lifelong learning through guided play and discovery.

YMCA Child Care Centres operate Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. year-round. Programs are full-day, either full time or in some cases part time. Our qualified early childhood educators facilitate play experiences that will help your child develop foundational skills in language and literacy, mathematics, science and technology and the arts. Nutritious meals and snacks are provided.

Dr. David R Williams
3199 Post Road
To be confirmed
18 mo-12 yrsTo be confirmed
Stephanie da Silva
Oakville Trafalgar Child Care Centre
1460 Devon Road
18 mo-5 yrsOakville Trafalgar Child Care Centre
Marta Olczak
Our Lady of Peace Child Care Centre
391 Riverglen Blvd
18 mo-12 yrs Our Lady of Peace Child Care Centre
Merry Zhang
Pilgrim Wood Child Care Centre
1551 Pilgrims way
2.5-12 yrsPilgrim Wood Child Care Centre
Linda LaForge
River Oaks Child Care Centre
2173 Munns Ave
2.5-12 yrs River Oaks Child Care Centre
Allison Youden
St. Bernadette Child Care Centre
1201 Heritage Way
18 mo-12 yrsSt. Bernadette Child Care Centre
Lucy Correia
St. Luke Child Care Centre
2750 Kingsway Drive
18 mo-12 yrsSt. Luke Child Care Centre
Stacey Willins
St. Marguerite Child Care Centre
1359 Bayshire Drive
18 mo-12 yrsSt. Marguerite Child Care Centre
Janet Caranci
The Waterford Child Care Centre
2140 Baronwood Drive
905-827-2405, ext. 546
18 mo-5 yrs The Waterford Child Care Centre
Stephanie da Silva
905-827-2405, ext. 546


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Child Care Family Handbook

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Registration Information

Please note: if we receive your completed registration form after May 31st, we will not be able to guarantee space in the program and you may be put on our child care waiting list. Children on our waiting list will be accepted into the program as space becomes available, expansion of the program and/or our staffing compliment can accommodate the growing need for care.

Space in our full day toddler & preschool program is based on availability, so we encourage you to submit your paperwork as soon as possible.

Waiting List Policy

If the program is operating at capacity, your child will be added to the centre’s waiting list. There is no fee for a family to be placed on our waiting list. Available child care spaces are to be filled by families on the waiting list according to the ordinance of sequential dates as indicated on the child care waiting list forms. Priority will be given to families wishing to register their child in a full-time space. Families transferring from other YMCA Child Care centres, or siblings who are already registered will have priority for the next available space.

When a space becomes available the first person on the waiting list is contacted and asked if they are interested in the space or if they would prefer to remain on the waiting list. If they cannot be reached on the first attempt, contact will be attempted again on the next business day. If they cannot be reached, or do not return our call within 24 hours after the second call, the next person on the list will be contacted. A family has 24 hours after initial contact has been made to confirm their acceptance of the child care space. Families on the waitlist can contact the supervisor at any time to determine their standing on the waiting list.