Knowing how to swim can save your life

… Or even someone else’s 

Taught by certified YMCA and Lifesaving Society Swim Instructors, our swimming lessons develop lifelong skills that help your child to be safe in and around the water.

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Attendance Policy

Regular attendance helps your child to improve their swimming skills and is a requirement for swim lessons.
  • Participant attendance is recorded and members with three consecutive absences within a 12 week session will be removed from their lesson time. This opens up the spot for other members.
  • Members removed from swim lessons will need to re-register for the next session.

Lesson Cancellation and Changes

  • To cancel or take a break from the program, please email the Aquatics Department or call: 905-845-5597, ext. 244.
  • To switch swim lessons to a preferred day or time, please contact the Aquatics Department at 905-845-5597, ext. 244, or Membership Services at 905-845-3417. There may be a waiting period.

Swim Lesson Progress Report

Your child’s Swim Lesson progress reports are available online at the end of each session. Participants who have successfully complete their swim level can also pick up their stickers or badges from the Aquatics office.

To access your child’s Swim Lesson report online, have your YMCA membership card ready, click the teal button below, and enter your 8-digit membership ID. Printed copies are available upon request at Membership Services desk or with the Aquatics office.

Group Swim Lessons 

At the YMCA, we offer even more options for those wanting to learn how to swim. One weekly group swim lesson is included in YMCA of Oakville memberships for all ages! Explore below to find out which swim lessons are right for you and your family.

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YMCA swim lessons and aquatics programs operate in 12 weeks sessions with a one week program break between sessions. Once members register into the swim program, aquatics staff will register your child automatically into the exact same day and time for the next swim level during the program break.

No lessons will be offered during program break; however both pools will be available for Recreational Swims.

Additional Registered Swim Lessons

All ages

Learning to swim is more than just stroke development; it’s also about building confidence, self-esteem and developing lifelong skills. So in addition to the weekly, one 30-minute swim lesson that is included with YMCA membership, you can purchase a 12-week swim lesson package.

One class per week. Registration is required for each session.

Children’s Swim Lessons 
Parent and Tot

0-35 months

Introduce your baby to the water! Learn to blow bubbles, kick and splash using a mix of games, songs, and activities. One class per week. registration is required each session for both members and non-members.

L'il Dippers

3-5 years

You’re never too young to enjoy the water! For children between 3 to 5 years old, the YMCA L’il Dippers program will introduce your baby, toddler, or preschooler to the basics of swimming. We have developed each level in L’il Dippers with your child’s natural growth and development in mind. We know each child is unique, so our YMCA swim instructors encourage your child to progress at their own pace to reach their potential.There are eight levels in the YMCA L’il Dipper program: Splashers, Bubblers, Bobbers, Floaters, Gliders, Divers, Surfers, and Dippers. Explore all the levels to find the one that’s right for your child.

Bobber/Floater: This introductory program is based on water orientation and experimentation. Swimmers will be introduced to front and back floats and glides, they will be taught to get their face and head wet, blow bubbles and move in a life jacket. All skills are instructor supported. Swimmers will be required to swim independently in their PFD both on the front and back. Kicking with a buoyant aid, jumping into chest deep water will be introduced. Swimmers will be learning to roll from their front to their back and vice versa.

Glider/Diver: Swimmers will be independently floating, gliding and jumping into the pool. They will begin to retrieve objects off the bottom of the pool in chest deep water. They will further develop the ability to kick and move through the water with front and back swim, and learn how to side glide. Swimmers will be introduced to deep water. Swimmers will independently jump into deep water, and will be introduced to treading water and dives. They will begin working on front crawl with an over arm recovery and refining their flutter kick.

Surfer/Dipper: Swimmers will be working on front and back crawl, treading water and vertical whip kick. Swimmers are required to swim 15 meters of the main pool. Swimmers will be required to swim 25 meters of the main pool demonstrating proper arm and kick action for both front & back crawl. They will be introduced to side breathing.

Learn to Swim

6-12 years

Swimming lessons for children 6-12 years old who are ready to take the plunge and learn how to swim! The YMCA Learn to Swim program encourages children to build their skills while being active in the water and meeting new people. Starting with the basics and progressing to stroke development, the four levels of YMCA Learn to Swim – Otter, Seal, Dolphin, Swimmer – teach kids essential swimming skills that they’ll use for the rest of their life. Our lessons empower your child to take an active part in their learning by setting their own goals and choosing from a range of optional skills during each level. After completing Swimmer, the highest level, your child will be able to submerge, kick, roll, and jump into the water. They’ll be swimming on their fronts and back for short distances. But best of all, they’ll have achieved lifelong skills through their own efforts!

Otter/Seal: This introductory program; swimmers will be introduced to front and back floats and glides, they will be taught to get their face and head wet, blow bubbles and move through deep water with a PFD for five meters. Swimmers will jump into deeper water, and learn to be comfortable falling sideways into the water with a PFD. Front and back floats unassisted, learn whip kick and side breathing. Swimmer will be required to float, glide and swim on front and back for 10 metres unassisted.

Dolphin/Swimmer: Swimmers will be treading water in deep water for 30 seconds. They will be introduced to front crawl arm and side breathing, required to swim front and back swim for 25 metres. They will continue to work on front and back crawl demonstrating proper arm and kick action for 25 metres. Swimmers will be introduced to fun new things like cannonballs, dives, somersaults treading water and underwater swim.

Star Program

6-12 years

Swimming lessons for children 6-12 years old who have mastered Learn to Swim and/or basic swimming skills, the YMCA Star program is a series of four swimming lessons focuses on technique, stroke development and endurance. At the YMCA, we believe that swimming benefits your child through better health, new friends, and self-confidence. That’s why we encourage your child to take an active part in their learning, connect with others, and share in our passion for swimming. It’s the healthy thing to do!

Star 1/2: Swimmers will be required to swim 50 meters of front crawl intermediate standard, and 25 metres of back crawl initial standard. They will be introduced to elementary backstroke and first aid situations. Swimmers are required to demonstrate advanced standards for front and back crawl. Continue to work on the elementary backstroke and introduced to breaststroke. They are required to complete an endurance swim of 150 metres.

Star 3/4: Swimmers are required to complete an endurance swim of 300 metres. Demonstrate intermediate standards for elementary backstroke, and introduced to eggbeater kick, and initial standards to breaststroke. Swimmers will refine stride jumps, eggbeater kick and head and foot surface dives. They’ll learn to scull and swim lengths of front & back crawl, whip kick and breaststroke with breathing. They will be introduced to sidestroke and an endurance swim of 400 metres.

Star 5/6: Swimmers are required to complete an endurance swim of 500 metres. Demonstrate advanced standards for breaststroke, initial standards for sidestroke, and introduced to butterfly. Swimmers are required to demonstrate advanced standards for front and back crawl, and elementary backstroke. Intermediate standards in sidestroke & butterfly and introduced to inverted breaststroke, double arm backstroke and compact jump entries. They are required to complete an endurance swim of 600 metres.

Star 7 These advanced swimmers will develop strength and power in head-up front crawl or breaststroke over 25 metres. They’ll easily swim 100 metres in all swim strokes and have the ability to teach lower level various stroke techniques. Master Swimmers will be required to volunteer six hours as assistant instructor.

Adult Swim Lessons 
Adult Beginner

16+ years

Adult Beginner Swim Lessons are designed to introduce the water, plus some basic swimming skills and techniques. One class per week, registration required for each session.

Adult Intermediate

16+ years

The goal of this program is to develop proficiency and endurance in one or more of the swimming strokes. One class per week, registration required for each session.

Private Swim Lessons 

All ages 

At the YMCA, we offer even more options for those wanting to learn how to swim. Private lessons are a great option if you think you or your child would benefit from a one-to-one approach to learning to swim.

Choose from private swim lessons or semi-private swim lessons, which can be used in addition to the weekly swimming lesson included with your membership.

Private and Semi-private swim lessons are also ideal for conquering fear of the water, improving stroke technique and swimming skills,  water safety skills and more. All of our swim instructors are certified through accredited certifying associations such as The Lifesaving Society of Canada and YMCA Canada.

Please note:

  • No refund will be issued once lessons commence 
  • No transfer to other courses/lessons 
  • You must keep the same day and time you booked for the full session (6 weeks) and there will be no make-up classes for cancellations 

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Huang at or Nadyia Ng

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