Come and enjoy the water! Our pools are available for open swims and lane swims, seven days a week.

Please check the Aquatics schedule or the tables below for swim times.

Leisure Pool Public Swim
Main Pool Public Swim
Family Lane Swim
Lane Swim



The smaller Leisure Pool features a waterfall, two goosenecks, a bubbler and therapeutic massage jets.  This pool is 0.75 metres (29.5 inches) deep throughout, and is maintained at a warm temperature of 33.3 to 34.4 degrees Celsius or 92 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Main Pool offers up to four 24-metre swim lanes, plus one 20-metre lane and is 2.4 metres (nearly 8 feet) at the deep end and 1 metre (42 inches) deep in the shallow end. The temperature is maintained between of 27.8 to 28.9 degrees Celsius or 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pool Admission Standards

Pool Rules:

  • Proper swimming attire must be worn
  • Pictures or videos are not permitted
  • Outdoor shoes must be removed when entering the pool deck
  • Diaper dependent patrons must wear swim diapers
  • Food or Beverages are not allowed in the pool area and viewing area
  • No diving except with instructors during swim lessons
  • No hanging on, jumping from, or swimming through the railings
  • No sitting, standing on, or jumping from yellow dividing wall
  • Third party instructing, coaching or training is prohibited. Physiotherapists must providing proper documentation and obtain permission from manager.

Non-member Public Swim Fees

Individual Swim Pass $4.00 (taxes included)
Family Swim Pass $10.00 (taxes included)
Individual Day Pass $10.00 (taxes included)