The YMCA of Oakville is committed to service excellence in the delivery of YMCA programs, services and supporting our charitable mandate.

We recognize that from time to time there may be concerns or complaints and that you need mechanisms to do so. This policy is intended to create a transparent, timely, and fair method of responding to complaints.

Informal Complaints

If you have a complaint or concern, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with the staff who is most connected to the concern/situation, either in person, by phone, or by email. If your complaint is not resolved or if you are uncomfortable discussing the issue with the relevant person, you can inform the supervisor, manager, or General Manager for the program or service. This informal process can be used to resolve many inquiries or matters of simple error that can be corrected to your satisfaction.

Formal Complaint

If you have been unable to resolve your concern through the informal process described above, a formal complaint may be made in writing to:

YMCA of Oakville
410 Rebecca Street, Oakville, ON L6K 1K7
or via email to [email protected]

Please provide your contact information, as the YMCA will not respond to anonymous complaints. If you are unable to register the complaint in this manner due to a disability, you may contact the YMCA to request an accommodation, which will be provided appropriate to your needs and circumstances.

To access our full complaints policy and procedures, visit YMCA of Oakville Complaints Policy.