Given the recent developments, we want to be present in your fitness lives, and encourage you to stay healthy.

Here is a collection of videos featuring some of our fitness instructors motivating you to stay active. Don’t forget to check out our Virtual Fitness Membership for more workouts; you may even be eligible for a Free Trial class.

Come, join in everyone!

Workout video: High & low intensity reps with Mike and Sandra

Workout video: Pilates with Lisa

Workout Video: Gentle Stretching with Ro-z

Workout Video: Quick core workout with Chico

Workout Video: Chair Yoga with Sandra

Workout Video: HIIT workout with Mike

Workout Video: Total body strength workout with Chico and Dar

Workout Video: Sun Salutation (Suryanamaskar) Yoga with Lindsay

Workout Video: Walking and Squats with Ro-z