Women’s Change Room Makeover
September 1-23

As part of our commitment to offering you the best membership experience possible, we’re updating our Women’s Change Room to refresh the space and make it like new.

Enhancements include:

  • New showers and tiling
  • Modern, upgraded vanities, counters and sinks
  • New flooring
  • Enhanced lighting
  • New lockers and privacy stalls

This transformation of the entire space will take three weeks to complete. During this time, the Women’s Change Room will be closed, and the Family Change Room will be converted into a temporary, women’s only/accessible change room.

This means:

  • Women/women with children ages 4 and under will use the new Women’s Change Room (formerly Family Change Room).
  • Men with children ages 4 and under may use the Men’s General change room.
  • Men with opposite gender children over the age of 4 will be directed to the new Women’s Change Room (formerly Family Change Room) where a female staff member will assist your child in changing and meet you on the pool deck.
    For more details, please visit Membership Services.

Other options:

  • Individual change room on the pool deck – please follow signs near the stairs on the pool deck.
  • Men’s and Women’s washrooms on the main level, past the rock climbing centre.
  • SPECIAL OFFER! Women (18+ years) can try the Women’s Plus Lounge for September for just $20! Visit Membership Services to sign up!

Thank you for your patience as we remodel our Women’s Change Room. If you have any concerns, please visit the membership desk or contact:

Andrea Bibby, General Manager
[email protected]

Crichton Smith, Facility Manager
crichton[email protected]