With summer camp registration in full swing, the options are endless. If you’re still wondering which camp to pick, consider your child’s personality and the nature of camps that match.

At the Y, we’ve been providing camps for over a hundred years. We know that although every child is unique, EmptyName 711each one has the ability to thrive in their ideal environment. The right camp experience can build confidence, provide opportunities for personal development, foster enthusiasm for learning and nurture their independence.

Wondering where to start? Check out these five common personality types.

The explorer
Is your child happiest outside? Give him the chance to participate in traditional camp experiences like canoeing, archery, fishing and campfire cooking.  YMCA camps at Valens, nestled within a pine and spruce forest, are a perfect way to explore the natural world.

The adventurer
Have a child who loves adventure? Consider a camp that offers the chance to be active outside and embark on exciting day trips. At our camps run out of Bronte Creek Provincial Park, your child can swim, play and travel to local attractions like Crawford Lake or Wild Waterworks.

The sporty type
Does your daughter love sports? Try some active camps this summer. Camps at the Peter Gilgan Family YMCA give her the chance to swim, climb and play team sports like beach volleyball or soccer.

The creative type
If your son loves to be creative, he may like a camp where he can draw or paint, learn to cook or play music. Our specialty camps like Creative Arts and RockPro will inspire and nurture his creative spirit!

The leadership type
All children can be leaders, and summer camp is an ideal training ground. Leadership camps can help teens build the skills needed to succeed both at camp and within their school and community. YMCA leadership camps use team-building activities and group initiatives to help all youth grow into leaders.

Whatever your child’s personality or passion, summer camp can help them discover their potential.