Its My Y!

Tell us your YMCA Story Anyone can have a YMCA story to narrate. The Y is more than just your everyday activity centre and fitness class. It exudes engagement, fun and some magic; experiences that build connections, bring the community closer, and make us all stronger and healthier. Have you had a positive experience with [...]

Gabriela’s Story

I was diagnosed with Autism just before I turned three, so my mom enrolled me in full-time YMCA Child Care at St. Bernadette for extra support. That’s when my journey to realizing my dream began. My social skills were an issue, but the teachers modified the program so I could learn, just like the other [...]

Aiden’s Story

For Aiden Lee, the Art from the Heart workshops he teaches are about much more than creativity. They’re about acceptance and kindness. “I want to make sure everyone belongs. No matter what you look like — we all need to accept each other.” It’s what made him the recipient of a YMCA Peace Medal during [...]

Magdalena’s Story

I was born without part of my left arm, but for many years, I didn’t even realize the difference. My mom never put any restrictions on what I could do. When I was four, she put me in swim lessons because I loved the water. She told me recently people would often ask her why [...]