Making Real Life Connections at Outdoor Camp

It can be hard to pick the right summer camp for your child. Sports, swimming, science, art, music and hundreds more – the options can seem overwhelming.


If you’re still looking for a summer camp program for your child, consider the power of traditional outdoor camp experiences like archery, canoeing, swimming, fishing and campfire cooking.

Camp experts at the YMCA of Oakville know first-hand the long-lasting benefits of outdoor camp experiences. Unplugging from technology and spending time in the great outdoors encourages kids to form meaningful friendships, make decisions and work together as a team.

According to Lisa Rankin, Vice President of Child Care, Camp and Community Initiatives, “At outdoor camps like Valens, kids unplug and make connections in real life. They have the chance to build social skills, confidence and independence. Research* also suggests that giving kids the chance to connect to the natural world contributes to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.”

Children who spend time outside also sleep better. Research also shows there is a direct connection between quality outdoor time and ample sleep which promotes learning, focus and cognitive development. When kids spend time outdoors, they develop a deeper sense of the world around them. They learn more about themselves and what they are capable of as they connect through their senses.

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*From How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (2014)