Your impact is powerful

Every day in our community there are individuals and families who are struggling. Young mothers like Meghan who was suddenly left with no one to take care of her 18-month-old daughter, Sophie while she was at work. Or Oxana, a mother who didn’t know where to turn after her son Mark had a horrifying experience at a special needs summer camp.

Thankfully, Meghan, Sophie, Oxana, Mark and hundreds more have all found the support they need thanks to caring donors like you. Through generous donations to our YMCA Strong Kids campaign, 2,114 children and families who were struggling last year received financial assistance – and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

2014 Child Care Impact Report 2014 Camp Impact Report
Child Care Impact Report

The majority of child care families helped by the YMCA require transitional or short-term support in times of crisis, illness, bereavement or loss of employment. Your donations are used to help make child care affordable for all families.

Read the 2014 Child Care Impact Report

Camp Impact Report

Summer camp builds resilience, confidence and character – all qualities needed to help kids deal with the sometimes complex world we live in. Your donations are used to give every child the chance to go to summer camp and grow up strong and confident.

Read the 2014 Camp Impact Report