Congratulations on taking your first step on a lifelong journey to health and wellness!

The My Wellness program is designed to provide you with the tools and services you need to achieve your health & fitness goals. Wellness coaches are available to guide you, provide you with the knowledge you need, and support you through your journey to health.

Consultation 1 – Fitness Orientation

Our goal is to help you build positive exercise habits! Starting a regular fitness routine can sometimes be challenging, let our YMCA fitness experts guide you through this process and support you on your journey to health. A fitness orientation will help determine what’s right for you by:

  • Designing a workout plan for the next 2 weeks
  • Assisting you with identifying Y programs and services to help you achieve your goals
  • Building a workout routine on our fitness equipment and Technogym key system software that will store and track your workouts for future reference
  • Providing you with a fitness equipment orientation
  • Taking you on a tour of the wellness center and program areas of interest, introducing you to staff and establishing a good understanding of what you need to do the next time you visit
  • Book your two week check in today!

Consultation 2 – Build a Routine

This is your TWO week check in! This fitness consultation is for you to connect in with a YMCA wellness coach, to achieve the following:

  • Complete Fitness Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Review your current fitness plan
  • Set SMART goals to help keep you on track
  • Recommend nutritional options to help support your workout goals
  • Adjust current fitness program based on fitness SMART goals
  • Book your 2 week follow up appointment, with a wellness coach who will support your fitness needs to better assist you in achieving your goals
  • Book your two week check in today!

Consultation 3 – Commit to Fit

We realize that reaching your health & fitness goals requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Our Wellness team of experts is committed to providing you with the resources and tools you
need to be successful.

  • Re-evaluated fitness SMART goals to achieve personal success
  • Identify and remove any barriers
  • Adjust current fitness program based on fitness goals and barrier outcomes
  • Discuss personal training options to help you achieve your desired fitness goals

My Wellness Benefits

  • Develops a fitness program made for you!
  • Teaches you how to safely use the Technogym equipment, and properly use the key software
  • Offers advice and suggestions on how you can attain your fitness goals
  • Orients you to our current program schedule and services offered at our YMCA of Oakville

What Should I Bring?

  • Indoor shoes
  • Workout wear
  • Water bottle


Additional Adult Fitness Services

Fitness Assessments (single session $85) includes:

  • Body Composition Analysis – includes a full report printout. Body Composition also sold separately $50
  • Cardiovascular Health Evaluation – VO2Max interpretation
  • Fitness Lifestyle Questionnaire – An in-depth package meant to assess your current state of health and most effective way to help reach your fitness and health goals
  • Muscular Health Assessment – Establish a baseline that shows areas where your physical health can improve.

Nutrition Health Consultations
Want to learn healthy nutrition tips to support your fitness goals? Need some dietary changes to support weight or blood sugar management? Our in-house nutrition coaches will help you accomplish your nutrition goals by strategically building a plan that uniquely works for you.

  • Getting Started single session $55
  • Getting Started + Follow-up (2 sessions) $80
  • Additional sessions $40 each