YMCA Peace Week

Build community. Act for peace.

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“…Peace has many dimensions. It is not only a state of relationships among nations. We cannot expect to live in a world of peace if we are unable to live in peace with those close to us – even those who differ from us… The responsibility for peace begins with each person, in relationship with family and friends, and extends to community life and national activities…” — YMCA Statement of Peace, World Alliance of YMCAs, 1981

As the YMCA, we believe peace is more than the absence of violence and conflict — it’s the ongoing work of building and re-building conditions of fairness, inclusion, empathy, security, and respect for diversity. When we embody the values of PEACE through our daily actions, we can help build a better Canada.

P = Participation – Getting involved and encouraging others to get involved in community-building activities
E = Empathy – Listening and understanding diverse perspectives to create a sense of belonging for all
A = Advocacy – Making the case for positive change in the community
C = Community – Building and strengthening community connections and capacity
E = Empowerment – Inspiring others to foster peace and helping them gain the skills and tools to succeed

About YMCA Peace Week

For 30 years, YMCA Peace Week has offered activities to help children, youth and adults explore peace from a personal, local and global perspective. During YMCA Peace Week, we encourage people to build community and act for peace. When we act for peace, we come together to help build a stronger and healthier community by promoting a sense of belonging, fostering empathy, embracing pluralism and addressing the social determinants of health.

The YMCA Peace Medalpeace-week-medal-2016

During YMCA Peace Week, we recognize “peacemakers” — those dedicated to making our world a better place to live — with a YMCA Peace Medal for their commitment to peace through contributions made within their local, national or global community. Since 1987, more than 1,500 individuals and groups across Canada have been recognized for their peace-building work with a YMCA Peace Medal.

YMCA Healthy Kids Day

YMCA Healthy Kids Day is a FREE community event dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our kids.

Survey says…

According to the 2016 YMCA Healthy Kids Survey, parents are most concerned about their children’s mental and emotional health. We surveyed parents across Canada with children between the ages of 0 and 18. When it comes to their children’s healthy development, parents are most concerned about their children’s mental/emotional health (50%) followed by physical (28%) and social health (22%). Time and money are the main barriers holding Canadian parents back from leading healthy, active lifestyles with their family.

As a YMCA, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of Canadians, in body, mind and spirit. You may not think the YMCA can help improve mental health, but visit us any day and you`ll see people connecting with others, building a support network and working together to reach their health goals. Our research has shown that there are many positive effects of belonging to the YMCA – people tell us they feel less alone, find it easier to make friends, and have better health. Visit us to see for yourself!