How do I register?
I am regionally subsidized - how do I register?
Do you offer financial assistance? How do I apply?
My child’s birthday is in the fall. Can they register for a program even if they don’t turn the specified age until after the summer?
I would like to register my child with their friend, how do I do this?
I have been put on a waitlist for a program, how will I know if I have a spot?
What is your cancellation policy?
Can I swap one camp week for another camp week, or another camp program?
How do I pay for camp?
I registered my child for River Oaks Camp. What options are available to families now that the program will be changing to St Andrew’s due to construction?

Program Information

What are your hours of operation?
Do you have extended camp care options?
What are your counsellor to camper ratios?
How will we know what activities our child will be participating in when they're at camp?
My child requires additional support, who should I contact?
What do I bring to camp?
What do I bring on an overnight?
My child lost something at camp, how do I retrieve it?
What if my child doesn’t want to participate in an activity?
Are lunches and snacks provided?
Camper Safety

My child requires medication, what information do you need from me to ensure they get their medication at camp?
My child will be absent today, who do I contact?
Why do I need to bring ID when picking up my child?
I am sending someone else to pick up my child today, who do I contact?
I want to pick my child up early from camp, or will be dropping them off late, who should I call?
Summer days can be very hot, what do you do to ensure camper safety?
What policies are in place for recreational swimming?
What qualifications do your staff have?
Which staff/volunteers will my child be interacting with, and what are their roles at camp?
What will happen if my child becomes sick or injured at camp?

My child missed the bus, what should I do?
I am late picking up my child, who should I contact?