Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award is presented to volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding performance over the last year through their display of characteristics that are reflective of the YMCA of Oakville’s mission statement. The awards are presented at the Annual General Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Event.


  • Outstanding performance that is reflective of the YMCA values and mission statement.
  • Understands and appreciates the importance and value of volunteers within our organization.
  • Reflects the YMCA core values Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Health, Caring, and Inclusiveness.
  • Volunteers in organizational events
  • Encourages and recruits others to volunteer
  • Is a team player and works together to create a better environment for everyone
  • Displays a genuine commitment to our programs and organization
  • Demonstrates a friendly, warm and welcoming attitude
  • Supports the YMCA of Oakville in all programs and developments
  • A positive role model
  • Outstanding contribution in the area of volunteerism

Volunteer Award nomination form


The YMCA of Oakville participates in a national program called SAM 2.0. The SAM 2.0 program enriches the quality of programs and services, focuses service excellence, increases staff and volunteer capacity, and instills YMCA core values and promote the YMCA as a charity.

We encourage you to nominate a volunteer or staff for a SAMMY Award when you see them go above and beyond to ensure a YMCA member or participant receives excellent service meeting one or more of the SAM 2.0 Standards.

SAMMY Nomination Form

SAM 2.0 Standards

  1. YMCA experiences are convenient
  2. The YMCA is clean and well-maintained
  3. YMCA experiences are safe
  4. YMCA experiences are friendly and welcoming
  5. YMCA staff and volunteers build positive relationships with members
  6. Members are provided opportunities to learn and develop in spirit, mind and body
  7. YMCA staff and volunteers are engaged and knowledgeable