16+ years

Designed to build cardiovascular strength and burn calories, this indoor cycling class combines fast music with speed and climbing drills. RPMs, gear numbers, watts and distance are explained so you can understand how well you’re doing. Class size is limited. Sign up 30 minutes prior to the class at the Membership Services desk.

Location: Peter Gilgan Family YMCA, 410 Rebecca St.

Mon, Wed, Fri6:00-6:45 amOngoingIncludedDay passSign Up
Mon, Fri8:00-9:00 amOngoingIncludedDay passSign Up
Tues, Thurs9:15-10:00 amOngoingIncluded Day passSign Up
Mon, Wed, Fri12:10-12:45 pmOngoingIncludedDay passSign Up
Mon6:00-6:45 pmOngoingIncludedDay passSign Up
Tues, Thurs7:30-8:30 pmOngoingIncluded Day passSign Up
Sat 8:30-9:30 amOngoingIncludedDay passSign Up
Sun9:00-10:00 amOngoingincludedDay passSign Up