We are what we eat! Naturally, the food you eat plays an important role in how you feel. Our YMCA programs and services will help you learn how to make sustainable food choices and learn healthy preparation and eating habits.

NEW Nutrition Health Consultation

Want to learn healthy nutrition tips to support your fitness goals?  Need some dietary changes to support weight or blood sugar management? Our in-house nutrition health coaches will help you accomplish your nutrition goals by building a plan that uniquely works for you. More…


Master Cook Kids

5-7 / 8-10 / 11-13 years

This four-week program will teach kids how to read a recipe, the different ways to heat food, knife skills, how to work with measurements and more. During the last week, each participant will be involved in a challenge where they will create their own dish with items provided — and parents will be encouraged to taste test! Skills for each session will vary based on age group.

Location: Peter Gilgan Family YMCA, 410 Rebecca St.

5-7 years

Mon4:30-5:15 pm Nov 13- Dec 44$10Register Online
Mon4:30-5:15 pm Dec 11-18
(Christmas Treats)
2$5Register Online
Mon4:30-5:15 pmFeb 5-Mar 5 (no class Feb 19)4$10Register Online
Mon4:10-5:15Apr 9-Apr 304$10Register Online
Mon4:30-5:15 pm May 28-Jun 184$10Register Online

8-10 years

Mon5:30-6:15 pm Oct 2-30
(No class oct 9)
4$10Register Online
Mon5:30-6:15 pm Nov 13-Dec 4 4$10Register Online
Mon5:30-6:15 pm Dec 11-18
(Christmas treats)
2$5Register Online
Mon5:30-6:15Feb 5-Mar 5 (no class Feb 19)
4$10Register Online
Mon5:30-6:15Apr 9-Apr 304$10Register Online
Mon5:30-6:15 pm May 28-Jun 184$10Register Online

11-13 years

Mon6:30-7:15 pmOct 2-30
(no class Oct 9)
4$10Register Online
Mon6:30-7:15 pmNov 13-Dec 44$10Register Online
Mon6:30-7:15 pmDec 11-18
(Christmas treats)
2$5Register Online
Mon6:30-7:15 pmFeb 5-Mar 5 (no class Feb 19)4$10Register Online
Mon6:30-7:15 pmApr 9-Apr 304$10Register Online
Mon6:30-7:15 pmMay 28-Jun 184$10Register Online