Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a great way to get fitness benefits and improve your circulation without stressing your joints. By pushing against the resistance of water, you can adapt each session to your own level of fitness. It’s a great way to add variety to your fitness program. Aqua Fit is a cardio-based water workout that can be done in shallow or deep water. Some muscle conditioning may be included in the class with a variety of equipment like water weights, flotation belts, and pool noodles. Suitable for all levels.

Mon - Fri9:00-9:45 amOngoingIncludedDay Pass FeeDrop-in
Mon - Thurs1:15-2:00pmOngoingIncludedDay Pass FeeDrop-in
Tues, Thurs8:00-8:45 pmOngoingIncludedDay Pass FeeDrop-in
Sat8:00-8:45 amOngoingIncludedDay Pass FeeDrop-in

Adult Master Swim

This class provides an opportunity to improve technique, skills and speed based on personal fitness goals created through regular coached swimming workouts. Participants should be able to swim 200 m (eight lengths of the 25 m pool).

Wed8:30-9:45pmApril 9-June 3012$70$160Register Online

Youth Master Swim

Upon completion of YMCA swim level Star 6 or Master Swimmer, participants will work on advanced stroke correction and techniques. Swimmers of all ages are guided and motivated to reach personal goals and achieve fitness results.

Mon, Tues, Thurs7:15-8:00 pmApril 9-June 3012IncludedN/ARegister Online
Sat9:00-9:45amApril 9-June 3012IncludedN/ARegister Online

Aquatic Mentorship

This program provides the opportunity to assist in the delivery of our YMCA member swim lessons. Participants will have a pool orientation and train in preparing to assist YMCA swim instructors, as well as emergency procedures while assisting in pool area. Participant is required to complete the level of YMCA master swimmer.

Mon-Fri4:30-7:15 pmApril 9-June 3012IncludedN/ARegister Online
Sat9:45 am-12:30 pmApril 9-June 3012IncludedN/ARegister Online

Aquatic Leaders

This program focuses on stroke correction, endurance and begins to work on some key elements of instructing and lifesaving. Participants in this program will have the opportunity to assist in the delivery of member swim lessons.

Fri5:15-6:15pmApril 9-June 3012IncludedN/ARegister Online

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