When I was in Grade 12, I felt lost and confused.

While my friends were deciding where to go to university or college, I had no idea what path to take.

Then, my guidance counsellor told me about Halton Sport Leadership (HSL), a program to help youth like me develop skills, find a career path and give back to their community. She said, “Maybe it will lead to something.” With no other options, I decided to try it.

Turns out, it did lead to something – something more than I could have imagined. Niya

With HSL, I discovered so much about myself. I learned that there are endless opportunities out there and that saying “yes” to them can open new doors. I took the program seriously and was rewarded with being that session’s graduating valedictorian!

After HSL, I felt more confident and comfortable with my abilities. I applied to work for YMCA summer camp and it was awesome becoming a role model to younger kids in the program.

Today, I am proud to say that I do have a path! I’m working for the Child and Youth and Community departments at the YMCA and I love it! Without HSL, I would still be lost. Instead, I’m right where I need to be.