As a single mother of three girls, it’s been difficult financially.

I couldn’t afford to enroll them in extracurricular activities. Although they have been very understanding, I still feel like I’m disappointing them.

When my husband and I separated, Keja, my oldest daughter, was the most affected. I saw the change immediately. Her smiles faded, her confidence dropped and her self-esteem was the lowest I have ever seen.

Then I heard about a free YMCA Multi-sport program running out of her school. I signed Keja up right away. The changes in her have been amazing.

After the first program, I signed her up for other free programs that included transportation with the YMCA
community van. As a mom, I couldn’t be happier about the changes I’ve seen in her.

She has not only returned to her old, cheerful self, but she’s also opened up a lot and made new friends.Carol

All of these programs have made such a positive difference for our family. Keja’s confidence has blossomed and my younger daughters have noticed the changes. Now they want to go to the YMCA programs too. As a single mom, I feel like I’m able to provide some great opportunities for my girls to grow and feel good about themselves – thanks to the Y.